GIS Tutorials: Free Online Course 2

List of links to free online GIS (Geographic Information System) courses and tutorial. Most come with download-able exercise data. Others include videos, podcast, note, and PowerPoint. Certificate of Completions are awarded after finishing some of these online courses/tutorial/training.

- ESRI free ArcGIS training by ESRI. Leader of Geographic information system (GIS) technology with their ArcView and ArcGIS softwares, ESRI offers over 125 free Live Training Seminars and Web Courses. This in-depth study of a GIS-related topic, include: Video presentations with transcripts, Software demonstrations by subject matter experts, Recorded question and answer sessions. Certificate of Completions are awarded.

- SpatiaLABS by ESRI is standalone activities designed to promote spatial reasoning and analysis skills using GIS. The SpatiaLABS collection includes 26 independent activities, a set of 15 business/marketing activities, and a set of 16 forestry activities. 

- ESRI Instructional Series Podcasts by ESRI. Includes 184 free downloadable podcasts from Beginner to Advance levels of ArcGIS  by Esri users, business partners, and Esri staff that feature GIS technology insights.

- Penn State Open Educational Resourses free online GIS related courses by Department of Geography. These 32 free online course resources are available for reuse by teachers and learners worldwide who do not intend to apply for admission, register for classes, or pursue a certificate or degree at Penn State. Penn State also produced a web-based four-part video series, entitled “Geospatial Revolution“.

- Spatial Database Management and Advanced Geographic Information Systems by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This class offers a very in-depth set of materials on spatial database management, including materials on the tools needed to work in spatial database management, and the applications of that data to real-life problem solving.  Exercises and tools for working with SQL, as well as sample database sets, are provided.

Additional free online GIS Courses/Tutorial

ArcGIS Video Tutorials by ESRI

More to come at this site. Please free to add links on comments.

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